Intellectual Property Finance & Management

Our current areas of investigation range from policy of research and innovation to patent and intellectual property rights, corporate governance, financing of innovation, technology transfer from science to industry and management of innovation within firms.

IP-L@b project

The IP-L@b project started in 2012, funded by Finmeccanica. It is a collaborative research project that aims at developing tools and practices of patent data intelligence to support:

The project also aims at transferring to companies specific skills on methods and solutions for processing patent and scientific publication data. An appropriate analysis of patent information can provide guidance for decisions across different stages of the IP value management process:

Other projects

We have been participating in several national and international cooperative research grants and projects. We completed the EC tender “Study on the quality of the patent system in Europe” (PatQual), issued by the internal market and services directorate general (DGMARKT) and carried out in collaboration with the University of Twente.

Members of innovation studies group represent the Politecnico di Torino in the European consortium of universities, patent offices and institutions collaborating in the IPeuropAware project aiming to raise awareness and enforcement of intellectual property among small and medium enterprises.

We also have participated in the CReATE project, to contribute developing a research agenda for promoting information and communication technologies innovations in creative industries across Europe.

Other national and international projects innovation studies group member have been collaborating in:

  1. “Le finanziarie regionali: la governance degli strumenti finanziari per il capitale di rischio - regional financing agencies: the governance of financing tool supporting risk capital”, on behalf of the Italian government, dipartimento affari regionali, year 2010;

  2. “A clean energy roadmap: forging the path ahead, innovation policies to accelerate US energy sector as a mean to create economic growth and to preserve technology and economic competitiveness”, Kauffman Foundation, year 2010;

  3. “Italian research in innovation systems” (IRIS), a FIRB research grant, one of the most important projects completed in the recent years, funded by the Italian ministry of research and headed by the University of Bologna;

  4. “Evaluation of university impact on Piedmont region”, members of the innovation studies group took part in the Fondazione Rosselli project (IAMAT) under the supervision of professor Aldo Geuna;

  5. “Current policy issues in the governance of the European patent system”, sponsored by the European parliament through the directorate general internal policies of the union under the science and technology option assessment (STOA) program, year 2009;

  6. “Private equity, innovation and structural change: a comparative analysis across European countries”, funded by the European investment bank and carried out in collaboration with the European investment fund, years 2008-2009.

The innovation studies group participates with its members to several research clusters and groups of interest, like the bureau of research on innovation, complexity and knowledge (BRICK) at the Collegio Carlo Alberto and the laboratory of economics of innovation (LEI) at the Fondazione Rosselli, both in the Turin area.